Model hostesses / hostesses / promoters

Our staffing network consists of talented individuals who are highly knowledgeable in handling registration areas, coordinating event flow, distributing flyers, and promoting products and services.

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model hostesses

Hostesses who professionally model and regulary work with us for events, including:



Having a vast skillset, our hostesses are both capable and comfortable in working for any type of event, and are trained in handling registration areas which include guest lists as well as welcoming visitor. Moreover, they are well-spoken and can help manage the overall flow of an event.

Suitable for: All Types of Events



With excellent communication skills in one or more languages, our promoters are experienced in distributing flyers, inviting guests, promoting products and services, and can even take part in events.

Suitable for: Exhibitions / Activations



Highly professional and presentable, our hosts can help cultivate an inviting atmosphere at any type of event.

Suitable for: All Types of Events

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